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Work on mammals


Comparative genomics reveals contraction in olfactory receptor genes in batsG Tsagkogeorga, S  Müller, C Dessimoz, SJ Rossiter (2017). Sci Rep, 7(1): 259 [LINK] [PDF]


The use of museum samples for large-scale sequence capture: a study of congeneric horseshoe bats (family Rhinolophidae). SE Bailey, X Mao, M Struebig, G Tsagkogeorga, G Csorba, LR Heaney, J Sedlock, W Stanley, JM Rouillard, SJ Rossiter (2016). Biol J Lin Soc, doi: 10.1111/bij.12620 [LINK] [PDF]


A phylogenomic analysis of the role and timing of molecular adaptation in the aquatic transition of cetartiodactyl mammalsG Tsagkogeorga, MR McGowen, KTJ Davies, S Jarman, A Polanowski, MF Bertelsen, SJ Rossiter (2015). R Soc Open Sci, 2: 150156. doi: 10.1098/rsos.150156 [LINK] [PDF]

Family wide molecular adaptations to underground life in african mole-rats revealed by phylogenomic analysis. KTJ Davies, NC Bennett, G Tsagkogeorga, SJ Rossiter, CG Faulkes (2015). MBE, doi: 10.1093/mol- bev/msv175 [LINK] [PDF]


Divergent evolutionary rates in vertebrate and mammalian specific conserved non-coding elements (CNEs) in echolocating mammals. KTJ Davies, G Tsagkogeorga, SJ Rossiter (2014). BMC Evol Biol, 14(1): 261 [LINK] [PDF]

Molecular evolution of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 receptors in long-lived, small-bodied mammals. KTJ Davies, G Tsagkogeorga, NC Bennett, LM Davalos, CG Faulkes, SJ Rossiter (2014). Gene, 549(2): 228 [LINK] [PDF]


CurrBiol_CoverPhylogenomic analyses elucidate the evolutionary relationships of batsG Tsagkogeorga*, J Parker*, JA Cotton, E Stupka, SJ Rossiter (2013). Curr Biol, 23(22): 2262 [LINK] [PDF]

Genome-wide signatures of convergent evolution in echolocating mammals. J Parker*, G Tsagkogeorga*, JA Cotton, Y Liu, P Provero, E Stupka, SJ Rossiter (2013). Nature, 502(7470): 228 [LINK] [PDF]

*Joint first authors


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